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Fir & Foxglove Farm




WELCOME TO FIR & FOXGLOVE FARM: A veganic permaculture farm [and offshoot of Baile Cara Comhar, LLC] that grows veggies and fruits for our family (including my rescue critter kids) and our community members, as well as the herbs, flowers, and medicinals that go into our farm-grown handcrafted candles, bath, beauty, cleaning and healing products. Instead of a traditional looking farm, we're working on building a sustainable permaculture ecosystem throughout our whole, almost six acre property. I invite you to follow along with me on this journey as I transition our hard acidic clay soil and bramble patches into a flourishing bevy of fruit & nut trees, native plants, berry bushes & vines, wildflowers, herbs and veggie plantings. 





               Miracle Max - The Farmer Dog (a.k.a. Farmer Dog/Maxie)


Mama Kitty & my Miracle Max/Farmer Dog


We have a small hoophouse/greenhouse that I use for seed starting, growing certain veggies and fruits, and this year we'll be trying to keep our greens and brassicas going throughout the winter. We have an old above ground pool that I'm looking to turn into a hot house for citrus and warm climate/higher zone plants and bushes in the near future.

Freshly planted. It can be difficult to find a good (affordable) non-animal based soil starter mixture that works well. Most of us end up having to mix our own.

Onion and flower seeds just popping up.

Greens are kind of my thing. Haha! 

Native Lupines started from seed. We found out that my chicken kids REALLY like these and we had to double up fencing to protect them.

Farmer Dog Maxie guarding his greenhouse. He likes to help me plant and harvest, but it can get a little too toasty in the greenhouse for such a furball. So, he heads out to cool off and keep watch.

Peach Blossoms


Fir & Foxglove Farm when first founded in August, 2011. It's a good reminder for me on how far we've come when I get discouraged about how far I still want us to go. Baby steps.

Blackberries up to my shoulders and as far as the eye can see. 

Part of the original orchard. Apple, Pear and Cherry Trees.

Clearing and trimming the branches in the original orchard. Also served to make some yummy goatling treats at the same time. The kids are always happy to help in this kind of capacity. They leave the hard stuff to Mama to do.