Farewell Old Friends, We Shall Miss Thee; Welcome New Friends, We Shall Enjoy Thee

Hello friends, 

I'm sad to say that I will no longer be crafting our Namaste Candles for sale on our website or at market. Insurance costs for that type of product are becoming more than we (as a small single person run company) can afford and I would like to shift more of my focus and energy over to the farm, Namaste Body & Namaste Healing products. There are some exciting changes happening in regards to product, with upgrades and new ones being imagined and formulated currently. I'm expanding the gardens even more, concentrating on growing more of our own herbals, as well as new varieties of fruits and veggies too. 

While I am sad to see the candles go, I am excited for the new possibilities before me. I hope you will join and continue to support Namaste, the critters and I on this journey! See you all soon! Whether in person or online. 


Mama Kitty