A New Beginning

2015 seems to be the year of new beginnings for me personally and for Namaste Girl, Inc. as a whole. Here we begin a new web store journey, moving from our OLD store on Etsy to our OWN store on our website. We've been working hard behind the scenes getting it ready to go and hopefully making it a lot more user friendly than our former site. 

We have been selling our products for the last four years at our local Estacada Farmers Market on 3rd & Broadway in downtown Estacada. This year, the market has moved locations to Wade Creek House Antiques at 664 NW Wade Street, across from the library and skate park (still in Estacada). We are all super excited about the move and looking forward to setting up for our first market on May 9th at this great new location.

I've been in the studio crafting and creating like mad, coming up with new product lines, improving old ones and just having a grand old time playing with scents, waxes and oils. They don't call me 'The Mad Scientist' in our household for nothing. 

I've been busy in the garden, as well. It looks like this early spring weather that we've had has given us a bumper crop of several varieties of lettuce, greens, and radishes that should be ready to harvest for opening day of the farmers market. The cabbage, broccoli, brussels sprouts, beets, carrots, and peas aren't far behind and we look to have a large crop of a variety of tomatoes, squash, corn, beans, and sunflowers to harvest later this year. 

We've branched out into nut trees in the orchard. So far we have almond, filbert and walnut planted. We also planted some new blueberry and currant bushes, as well as two different varieties of goji berries (a superfood). It may be a few years before our new trees and bushes start producing, but it will be fun to see them blossom and grow in our garden. 

We're slowly moving our garden into more of a permaculture system, which we feel is better for the plants, the soil, the environment in general, and the harvest, as well. I've been attending some conferences to try and learn as much as I can to help our little farm grow to some day support us and the critters. Namaste Girl Farm can only get better! 

Those that follow me personally, will know the multitude of reasons why we finally made the decision to rescue (it is possible) an LGD puppy. Max is now a 9 week old Great Pyrenees/Rough Collie (Lassie) mix. He is super smart (oh, boy) and already in love with his (soon to be much smaller than him) "big" brothers, Atreyu and Preston. He loves car rides, playing in the water troughs and duck/goose pools, hunting and chewing up sticks and twigs, eating his favorite treats and food, as well as getting to know and guarding his multitude of critter siblings of various species. His training is coming along beautifully and while he won't be a true (out on his own) LGD, he has the instincts, intelligence, and the love and devotion to his family/herd/flock/pack that is so amazing to behold. We're very proud and grateful to have him as a new member of our family! 

I have so much more to add, but not enough time to type it out. Maybe in a later post...

I hope to see a lot of familiar friendly faces for our first market of the season. Helps to make all the prep work that goes into beforehand worthwhile! Haha!

~ Live, Love, Laugh, Peace, Breath & Harmony ~