Spring Fever 2016

Happy Equinox!

Ah, the first day of Spring. For me it was a day full of pouring rain, spots of sun and the occasional rainbow. It was wet, but beautiful, a day of introspection and looking to the future. We had an eventful winter season, with many storms and changes.  It was with disappointment we learned that Namaste Girl was longer welcome to vend at the Intel Cafe's because of a takeover by another management company. I enjoyed our time there so much and will miss the wonderful people I met, and miss being able to hang out at each of the cafes twice a week. Thankfully, with much gratitude to Namaste Girl's Mom (who is willing to deliver our products to the various campus' and building's lobby desks), we will be able to continue to serve our Intel customers online. It is not the same as being able to serve and interact with everyone face to face, but a blessing to say the least. 

The spring season is a busy one for us here at the farm/headquarters of Namaste Girl. Between getting the garden prepped, getting product made and prepped for the market season, getting the market ready for it's 2016 season (did I mention I also run the farmers market with two other fabulous women), I'm a little crazed and frazzled right now. I know that's not going to change anytime soon. Usually, not until we get through the first few weeks of the season and get back in the swing of things. 

This year we are going bigger and better with the gardens and orchards. Yes, plural. Trying to get more produce in the greenhouse and the ground, both for our family and for sale at market. We've planted several more varieties of fruit and nut trees, as well. We were able to replace our greenhouse with a little walk-in, collapsible one, as well as adding a hoophouse of the same variety. Nothing fancy, but they are working for getting seeds started and adding protection for a host of other crops, as well as offering us the opportunity to grow cold hardy greens and veggies through next winter. This time I made sure to triple stake both the green and hoophouse and have tie-downs thrown over the top. So far, so good, we've made it through several more wind storms without damage. Fingers crossed and happy thoughts that that continues for us. 

Because of the extra work going on with the garden, I haven't had as much time to devote to the crafting business as I would like. As we head closer to market season, I am beginning to straddle them both a little easier. Hopefully, I won't end up with a leg cramp. Haha! 

Over the winter I have come out with two new products that have been fairly popular. A second version of our muscle rub (with arnica and a blend of herbs in a salve base), as well as a boo-boo cream (with a concentration of various herbs in a salve base). I look forward to bringing them to our customers at market this season. I may have a few new other products and scents, as well. We will see what I can get perfected before the season begins. 

I hope you all have had a wonderful winter and are enjoying the promise of spring!


Peace, Love & Namaste

Kathleen "Kitty" Leone