OUR MISSION: To bring about social and environmental change. To inhabit and share the true meaning of Baile Cara Comhar: We are all one and we are all in this together. To raise and uplift, To educate, To empower, To unite, To bring peace, To bring joy, To offer health, To spread wealth, To make the world a better place for our fellow humans, animals, and to create a sustainable, healthy environment for us all.

~ Trying to Change the World: One Thought, One Breath, One Life at a Time. ~

BAILE (Bal-ye): Where we come home. CARA (Car-a): Our connection to one another. COMHAR (Core): The power of working together.

Baile Cara Comhar, LLC is a social enterprise company. What that means is that we are a for profit company that uses its profits for social good. We advocate for peace in all things: ahimsa/non-violence/non-harm to self and others; plant-based eating, health & wellness; human and non-human animal advocacy and rights. We advocate for and promote education, literacy, and an end to poverty and hunger in the United States and Worldwide. We advocate for environmental sustainability and awareness, as well as promote/educate for the same through our veganic permaculture farm (Fir & Foxglove Farm) here in the Pacific Northwest. We believe in being a voice for the voiceless, standing for those who cannot stand for themselves, and standing with and adding our voice to those who fight fear, hatred, prejudice, injustice, inequality, and ignorance in all its forms. Simply put we are a cause driven company, not a profit driven one. It's not about an individual, board or stock holders becoming rich, it's about achieving social objectives and making the world a better place as stated in our motto!

Fir & Foxglove Farm

Miracle Max/Farmer Dog